Residential Blasting Services

Baking Soda and Crushed Glass Blasting in Maryland

To restore this beautiful cedar log cabin we used fine grit recycled crushed glass.

Abrasive Blasting in MarylandResidential Abrasive Blasting in Maryland

Residential projects can range from a few hours to a couple weeks depending on the scale of the job. We recommend having a wide open or secluded space for exterior residential blasting. The blasting process is noisey and messy. Therefore, complications can arise if you are in a heavily populated community and containment of the project may be necessary.

Depending on the coating being removed, we usually use the crushed glass or baking soda.

Typical residential jobs include:

  • painted brick or concrete
  • mold remediation
  • fire restoration
  • exposing concrete aggregate
  • wood decks
  • pools and pool decks
  • statues
  • fountains
  • fences
  • rod iron railings
  • fireplaces